Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 24, 2009

Alright so this week nothin much has changed. Our zone isn't doing to well. We're the only area with sucess so far this transfer. 1 baptism in 3 weeks for all 6 companionships.

We will have a baptism Sunday for Raymond. He is a friend of Salim's. We wouldn't have met him if we weren't trying to reach every single goal every day. One night we needed a new investigator and a referral so we had the Salim's call a friend and invite him over. We taught Raymond the first lesson and it went way good. He loved it and committed to baptism right there. We wouldn't have met him if we weren't trying to complete all our goals.

My testimony is growing every single day! I love it here even if it is super hot and sweaty every day! It hasn't rained to much latley because the rainy season just ended. I'm becoming a better teacher as I keep studying every morning.

Haha, we found a rat in the apartment the other day! Very entertaining - both Elder Stebbing and I running around in our G's wielding cricket bats! It got away though. Haha, don't worry. Our apartment is fine. First time we've had a rat in a very long time.

I loved reading your emails. Can't respond much. I wish I could. Just know things are going very well. SEND THE TIES!! Yes they are ugly. We're missionaries! That's the culture. Ugly fat ties. Haha. They are worth lots of money here.

Elder Morris


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