Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 17, 2009

Hey there!

Hello from Guyana. BTW to those that are interested it's "Guy-Anna" (Pronunciation wise.) Busy, busy week! The new way of contacting people has really made it difficult to get our 20 contacts. The results will improve because of it, but it takes a whole lotta work. Also, we've found a lot of new people recently, but like all of our investigators have only been to church once which makes it difficult if you have a goal of 6 baptisms the month of August.

Tuesday we did exchanges with the Zone leaders. Elder Scott came with me in Kitty and we tore it up. We reached all our goals, found cool new people, and got all of our contacts. He's an awesome missionary and I really learned a lot from him. He's a way funny guy too, always laughing. We also had a zone meeting that day taught by the zone leaders learning more about the changes President Gamiette wants in the mission. He basically is raising the bar for missionaries; helping us just be better teachers, people and missionaries. It's been really interesting. With this it raises the bar for investigators too. Instead of just baptizing lots of people, we are now focused on that and making sure that they are reading the Book of Mormon lots, love coming to church, understand everything, etc. It'll be tough but retention will improve so much!

The week was okay. We worked way hard, and surpassed many of our goals for the week, but many of our investigators didn't come to church halting the work a little bit. We'll work harder this week I guess.

Well, Love you all
Elder Morris


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