Monday, September 6, 2010

September 6, 2010

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty good. We're teaching some interesting (in a good, funny way) people. We got 4 people at church but only 1 of those is really progressing. This guy named Peterson. He's the recent convert, Janis', friend. He is way cool. He wants to get baptized but doesn't think he's ready. He's been to church 4 times. On saturday a ton of our appointments fell through so it was a TON of walking in the hot sun just trying to talk to everybody we could. We saw Peterson 5 times during that day. He was like, "Elder Morris this can't be a coincidence! I'm coming to church tomorrow no matter what!" Even though Janis was sick and didn't come he came on his own and he is doing great.

Other than that we're still teaching that guy, Bazil, but he couldn't come to church but he is doing fine. Other than that we're working hard and trying our best to find some cool people. We're teaching a cool family of 6 that is from Guyana and so we're excited about the potential there. Even in Barbados some of the best people I know are from Guyana. Haha. I miss that place.

This morning we were at the beach just messing around and we buried Elder Hoepel in the sand. Turned him into a Merman with a large trident. It was way funny. Took some good pictures and had some good fun on the white sand. I really am learning to love this place. Even though the people are sometimes a bit crazy. We've met some great people and we're having a lot of fun while doing the work.

I haven't gotten the package yet but question. Did Elder Damm ever come by the house and drop of the stuff I gave him to take? Steelpan and some other random souvenir stuff. I hope he did. He said he was but i'll email him and check. Things are going great on this part of the world. Elder Hoepel is a really funny missionary and we're always makin jokes. He's fun to serve with. He speaks good english so teaching with him isn't a problem at all. People think he's like 16 but he's really 21.

I don't really know what else to report this week. That's about it for us. My feet ache and my legs are sore but just another day in the life. Wouldn't trade this time for anything else.

Love, Elder Morris


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