Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Did I tell you there's a psychiatric hospital in our area? Pretty funny. We walk by and they always start yelling at us. Black Rock is an interesting place, that's for sure.

So this week, we went on trade-offs this week. I got to go to St. Philip with Elder Babbel. He's in my group so it was pretty fun. I got to drive a big Toyota HiLux (basically a toyota tundra right hand drive). It was way powerful. We did some good work, rewarded ourselves with milkshakes from "Cheffete" which is a fast food place with almost everything. Roti, chicken, burgers, the works. Good though. The rest of the week was actually pretty tough. We'd have full days and backups for every appointment, and almost everything, every single day, fell through. We tried to work as hard and smart as we could. We did alright. We taught a lot of lessons but our main progressing investigators weren't really progressing this week. All except for Bazil.

Bazil is doing great. He is reading and praying every single day. He was asked at church on Sunday when he's getting baptized and he said, "well.. I'm praying about getting baptized on the 25th." He seems happy and enjoying church, and step by step we're trying to teach him the doctrine behind it all. It was branch conference Sunday and it was great. 2 great talks by the district.

Overall we've seen a refining process going on lately in the mission and in the areas. President is really focusing on the doctrine of repentance and becoming 100 percent obedient in order to receive in fulness the blessings of the Holy Ghost. It's really something i've personally been fasting/praying for and I've seen changes happen to me. My desire is strengthened and I'm continuing to be happier and hard working every single day.

I can't believe you are having so much fun! Amy traveling the US and you all going to San Diego and Cancun. What??? I'm happy for you and it sounds like you're having a great time. I'm praying for ya and I'm grateful for all the things I've been blessed with out here in the gorgeous country of Barbados. Today we were in "Animal Flower Cave" at the most northern part of the island. That was pretty neat. Took some fun pictures, I'll attach one for ya. well i tried but not working today. next week! We're having fun here but all of us missionaries here in Barbados are doin great things as well. I'm grateful with how the Lord has blessed us.

I wish i could send more pictures of stuff like the church and things but I don't have many pictures. More next week for sure.

I got the package!! Got it tuesday. Picked it up from the post office. It was awesome!!! Thank you so much for the new socks, perfect pushup, all the candy and the cd's. Ryan the Tie is great too. Haha. The socks have already gone through a lot. This week was RAIN. On Wednesday we were stuck under a shop in tons of rain while the streets turned in to 1 foot deep rivers. Stuck for like an hour until it let up a little. Then started back bad by the time we got back to the apartment for lunch.

I love you all -

Elder Morris


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