Monday, August 30, 2010

August 23, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Last week was sooooo crazy. Heavenly Father was definitely testing my patience and faith. The last couple days in the office were way hectic. It was transfer week so we had to deal with all that, a missionary had a heart attack, i had to say goodbye to people in San Juan, and then I was thrown in Barbados! Haha. It was ridiculous. Sometimes all i could do was shake my head and say to my self "i can't believe it." Sometimes I wish i could just have a day to sleep. But no can do.

Alright. Here's the situation in Barbados. 4 areas. Black Rock, Christ's Church, Oistins, and St. Phillip. Black rock is where I am. It's on the west coast but we cover about half of the island. all of the northern part of the island and the west side of the southern part of the island. Gorgeous beaches, but economically, not doing very well. The people love alcohol and parties. Just like everywhere else in the caribbean. My companion is Elder Hoepel. He's from Suriname. This is his 2nd transfer. He is doing great though. I don't have a picture of him to send. Sorry. Next week I will. Also I don't have any pictures really at all of Barbados. Haven't had time to take any. Our apartment is nice. Big but no Air conditioning. Some of the members in Curepe, in Trinidad, served their missions in Barbados and said that if i want to get anything done it's through member work. Otherwise it's a lot of tracting and contacting. The first two days not going to lie were very hard on me. Felt like Abinidi with the people of King Noah. (that's where i'm at right now in the BOM so it's on my mind). Elder Hoepel and his last companion didn't do any member work really so they don't know where any members live. And they aren't really teaching any investigators. They baptized 2 great people though that we're teaching the new member lessons to. Janis, and Gopaul. Janis is about 50 and seems just like an old time member. She is way awesome. Gopaul is guyanese and can't read and write so that's kinda difficult. Anyways, so those first two days here were basically spent walking around the streets talking to anyone we could all day. Only taught a couple lessons. We kept at it though and Friday and Saturday were great days. We set a couple baptisms dates, one of which came to church on Sunday. Friend of Janis'. His name is Peterson. He's cool and wants to get baptized. He is already reading the book of mormon too. That's about it for our work though this past week. Tough start but we're getting the ball rolling.

It was pretty tough on me mentally those first days in Barbados. I just prayed more than i have in a long time. I asked what i should do to feel good about the transfer. To feel the spirit more. To be given the strength and courage to continue. My answer came. I felt specifically "FEAST". I began to read the BOM more than i ever have on my whole mission. So basically my whole life. Every chance I get i'm reading. I love it. Then came the peace and strength that i needed. A lot of prayers and a lot of study. My mind began to push out those thoughts and I'm doing great now. I'm way happy. The work is way tougher here than any other place i've been on my mission but things are going to be great.

I have to go now, wish i could write more and answer more of your questions but i can't. I love you all and thank you for all you do.

Elder Morris


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