Monday, August 30, 2010

August 16, 2010

Hey everyone!

This week was not productive! Here's some reasons why. Elder Vaea had an emergency Monday night and we took him to the hospital. He is good now though but he wasn't allowed to go out and work until Friday so we were inside at the office doing stuff all week. Then the new office elder, Elder Ackerman came here on Saturday and I trained him in there all day. So basically, that last week flew by and now I'm flying to Barbados Wednesday afternoon. I'm way excited for that. This next transfer is going to be a fun one. I'll actually get to go out every single day and do some quality work. I am going to miss this though. I've learned tons from President Gamiette and I've matured and grown a lot (spiritually, not physically). It's been a thrill being so close to all the action. Talking to the Zone leaders every week, sometimes more. I'm gonna miss this area a lot. Fantastic members. However it's not as bad as I thought. After church yesterday I told a few people I was leaving and it's not that big of a deal. In Guyana it's different because for some I'm the only missionary they knew. But here longtime members for 10+ years have seen many missionaries. It's not hard to leave, really. Dorris and Rita will be sorely missed. Their after church lunches then all the members that'd teach with us are awesome.

Church was crazy yesterday. They were starting it and only like 20 people were here. So Bishop decided to change Sacrament to the last meeting and have priesthood/relief society first. It actually worked great. President Gamiette taught Gospel Principles. That was amazing. Taught about sacrifice and how we need to put the things that are holding us back on the altar and become more sacred by doing so. It was really sweet. Then in Sacrament Meeting, Keisha, our recent convert, who was called to be the Relief Society Secretary gave a talk on the Sacrament and the importance of it. Baptized for just 1 month she was teaching everybody about the baptismal covenant and what it means, how we honor the sabbath and all this great stuff about the sacrament. It was definitely great to see. She is learning a lot and is becoming more and more converted.

Wow I almost forgot to write about the coolest thing that did happen this week. Tuesday. Zone Conference. Elder Coleman of the 70 taught us the whole time. It was absolutely grand. He taught us all about the power and authority that comes along with this calling. I was grateful just to be present for all of it. I learned so much. He told a lot of amazing stories that I wrote down and I can tell you all in several months in person. Hah. Don't worry. I'm not too trunky. I was privliged to take him to the airport and pick him up and drive President and his wife, the Ap's, and the Colemans around on several occasions. It was really cool. He definitely is on a higher spiritual plane than most people I've met. He's an amazing example. So yeah that was a cool experience.

That's basically it for me though. Not much else to report. Transfer is bittersweet. I will miss this place a lot... I won't be very close to everything that goes on in the mission. It feels way weird... But change is good and now I get to learn even more. I love the work, I'm happy with everything and I hope things are going well at home.

Love, Elder Morris

PS: Here's some requests for the package.

Large Bag of Werther's hard candy, mike and ike's, sour patch kids, that's about it for candy. Pictures from home, maybe a couple pairs of socks, A couple quality pens.. Just some Ideas. Beef Jerky!


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