Friday, September 18, 2009

Sept 14, 2009

This week was crazy!!! Wednesday we had an AWESOME day. We found tons of new investigators, taught 8 lessons, and I dunno it was just a great day. It's always good when we work hard to complete the goals/promises we made to God every day. He really does provide.

We've been working way hard with Stacey's friend Latoya. She is reading, has prayed and recieved answers to her prayers and is ready for baptism. We did a couple power lessons, teaching a lot of information in a short amount of time. She accepted all of the commandments and everything!! Such a cool girl. She's about 25. Only problem is that we needed to teach her a few more things before baptism so we'll have to leave her for the next elders coming in to baptize.

The second half of this week wasn't very cool. The Evans told me I'd be staying in Guyana for sure a week ago so I wasn't worrying about anything. Wednesday night I find out I'm leaving. Sis. Bowen in our branch told me she had a ticket for me to leave. Thursday and Friday rumors are flying more and more. I kept hearing that I might be learning French and going to Guadeloupe or French Guiana. Friday and Saturday we waited all day for a phone call from President telling us we're being transferred. Saturday night we get the call. Elder Stebbing = Port of Spain, Trinidad. Elder Morris = Sangre Grande, Trinidad. Whoa!! I was stunned. I was fine with it and everything and was just relieved that I didn't have to learn French or anything. Sunday we are at church and I told President Pooran goodbye, he's in the district Presidency. He was like, "Nonsense!! You are not leaving Guyana!!!" He called President Gamiette and supposedly I had already been put on the list for people to receive work permits to stay in Guyana. So I couldn't even LEAVE Guyana because I was on the list. They changed everything around and now, I am going to Rose Hall, Berbice, Guyana. I will be a District Leader, training Elder Wilkins, a Guyanese Mini-missionary. Berbice is more of the country of Guyana. More insects, bigger insects, Caymans (Alligators) etc. It'll be SWEET!!! I'm very nervous to be teaching someone how to be a missionary but I'm going to work my hardest. Everything is going to be so different next transfer. Tons more missionaries will be on the islands, and a ton of people in Trinidad. Berbice is about an hour east of Georgetown, past the river. It'll be pretty exciting.

We met a lot of our members and recent converts the past few days, saying our goodbyes and collecting phone numbers and addresses. Don't be surprised if one calls the home phone. Haha!

Anyways it was a rollercoaster of a week. I'm blanking an area this next transfer. I go there on Thursday. I don't know anyone there or any investigators. I love Guyana and am blessed to be able to stay here!! It'll be pretty exciting.

Elder Morris

Attached are two clippings of us in the paper. Pretty funny.


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