Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elder Scott's Scottopoly

Two member kids on the church fence.

Baptism of Raymond Craig 8.30.09

August 31, 2009

Whappin' de? (What's

Ah...creolese is sweet! So, Sunday we had a baptism!! It was way good. Raymond Craig. As you can see, very short, fine (skinny), Indian guy. We have only been teaching him 2+ weeks but when they're ready, they're ready. It's sad. In Georgetown Zone for the past 4 weeks there have been 3 baptisms. 2 of them have been in our area. We were chatting with the Zone leaders and they don't know what to do. They're trying so hard to motivate everyone.

New converts night on Friday: Played lots of games, had a great spiritual message, and everyone but us got to enjoy lots of good food. That's one thing that's hard. Not eating the local food. The cookup looks so good! We couldn't even eat the hot dogs they had. Anyways it was a fun night.

Haha, last night we played Elder Scott's "Scottopoly!!" We slept over at the Zone leaders' again and played for a few hours. He re-did all of the chance and community chest cards to make it game changing. Like..."Advance to MayFair (Boardwalk) and take it!!" or "Put a hotel on any property" or "Give 1/2 of your properties to the loosing player." It was pretty fun actually, haha. Elder Stebbing won, but I came close.

This week was wierd. Had a couple way good days early, and had some bad days late; like we found 5 investigators on Wednesday, but none the rest of the week. Oh well. Any week with a baptism in it is a good week.

We're working with Keisha, Michelle's 15 year old daughter. See before, their family and all their friends went to the UCKG (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God), a Brazillian church. So she is a little hesitant about things, but has recieved answers to her prayers and is understanding things well. She just needs to come to church with her mother. She will probably be baptized in 2 or 3 weeks.

Our recent converts are great!! Stacy is the YSA rep for the branch and loves it. She helped organize YW camp as well and has been to church every week. She was baptized one month ago!!! She wants to go on a mission too. Sweet! The Salim family is doing okay. They need to come to church more. Hope everything will be okay with them. Michelle and Angela are doing well. Veneta is doing great too and is back in town for school.

Anyways, the week was pretty good. President Gamiette's new standards are rough but neccesary. He promises great success as we work on what he is telling us to do.

Pictures included are two member kids on the church fence, Scottopoly, and the baptism.

Much Love,
Elder Morris


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